Number invention: History

Number invention is one of the greatest turning points of science in the beginning. Passing a lot of years humans feel the need for counting. 

Number invention

For this, they used their fingers, some sticks, or stones for counting. Because of the research of scientists, mathematicians now the present systems have built. This has not invented suddenly. Day by day easier number system has invented for counting and many build processing.

After that, they created a device called Abacus. It is called the first counting machine in computing history. Much historical research says that this was invented somewhere in Egypt or China area.

Day by human thinking made the systems updated. They started using different signs, numbers, letters for this.

By keeping letters, numbers, signs together different number system systems have built for counting. These systems are called number system . from the primal period, people started using different types of systems for keeping the count for daily life activities. Hieroglyphics, Roman, Mayan, etc are the main count systems of that time.

Present used number systems

In the present time for normal counting, the decimal number system is used in most of the cases. A binary number system is used for building computer systems.
Also, the Octal number system and Hexadecimal number system are also used in computers.

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