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Headset a4tech hs-30 with speaker | Headphone Features | Specifications

Headset A4tech hs-30 with speaker features , specification, pictures, and the contention process. It is the best headset at a little cost I...

Headset A4tech hs-30 with speaker features, specification, pictures, and the contention process. It is the best headset at a little cost I think.

A4Tech HS-30 headphone with speaker

Headset a4tech hs-30

Headset a4tech hs-30 is the Best ComfortFit Stereo Headset for use in listening, simple recording, as usual, speaking I think.

Headset a4tech hs-30 features

  • Inner acoustic cavity: Delivers a well-balanced sound of astonishing quality.
  • 40 mm high-performance driver unit: Superior NdFeB magnet driver unit for stunning clarity and a bass impact you can feel.
  • Volume control: Durable on-ear knob
  • Fixable Mic: Picks up sound from any direction with remarkable clarity.
  • Adjustment headband: Lightweight and adjustable headband for optimum fit and long-term comfort.
  • High durability stereo cable: Unique durable design.
  • Ear cushions: Ergonomic and comfortable.

Headset a4tech hs-30 specifications

  • Speaker: 40 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102 db
  • Cable length: 2 m

A4Tech best ComfortFit Stereo Headset (HS-30)

It has a speaker attached and a separate plug for the speaker.

The headphone is very good. The sound quality is good. The speaker is less good than expected. But after all with this two-in-one device satisfaction is 100 on 100.

A4Tech ComfortFit Stereo

If the device ( desktop or laptop ) has two separate plug slots for the speaker and headphone then plug the pink-colored plug in the speaker and the green one with the listener. Otherwise for listening and speaking plug a green-colored plug with the device.

A4Tech ComfortFit Stereo Headset (HS-30) plug in slots

The recording will be better if you keep the headphone with the neck because the speaker will be very closer to your mouth on that case.

A4Tech ComfortFit Stereo Headset (HS-30) plugins

A4Tech headphone HS-30 price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh it's the price is between 750 to 830 ( ৭৫০-৮৩০ ৳) BDT 

So, from these specialties, we can say,

A4Tech HS-30 headphone is the best two in one solution. Read about 2.0 multimedia speakers.

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