DK 3888 tripod | Perfect for both mobile phone and camera

DK 3888 tripod is perfect for use in both mobile and camera. Here is a simple review of this amazing tripod.

DK 3888 tripod

This is a tripod that can be used in both types of devices camera or phone. Some of its specialties are-

  • 3-Way head
  • Built-in level
  • 4- SEC. Aluminum legs
  • Quick Leverlock
  • 3-Way Panhead
  • 4-Section leg
  • Quick lever lock
  • Rubber leg tip
See, these factors with pictures given below,

DK 3888 tripod cover

DK 3888 tripod cover box

This is the cover box of this tripod.

Lever lock for phone

This is a lever lock. You can set a mobile phone with it for taking shots. Before that, you need to set that with the tripod.

DK 3888 mobile tripod
After setting that with the tripod you can increase the height as per need by opening levels.

DK 3888 camera tripod

There is a Bluetooth shutter which supports iPhone iso and Android 4.3 or newer mobile devices.

Bluetooth shutter

If you set a mobile phone with the lever lock it will look like this.

DK 3888 tripod with mobile phone

If you want to set a camera just connect with your camera with the hook. After that, you will see the camera like this.

DK 3888 tripod with camera

So, this is a simple overview of the DK 3888 tripod.

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