How to write SEO friendly article? | 8 important tips

How to write SEO friendly article? Know from here with 8 important tips. Make sure that title, content or article, URL, images are SEO friendly. Start writing SEO friendly articles by following 6 important steps and rank your website.

How to write SEO friendly article

How to write SEO friendly article

Keep updated with the present SEO process. But always remember that content is the king. To write an SEO-friendly article follow these 8 important tips.

  1. Focus a keyword-based on your article. Use that keyword in your article title. Try to use that at the beginning of the SEO title. Add a number, a power word, a positive or a negative sentiment in the title for attracting and focusing audience to your content. Write the title between 60 characters.
  2. Use that focused keyword on the Meta Description of the post. The Meta description should be between 160 characters.
  3. Add the focus keyword as a subheading of the article.
  4. Also, add that focus keyword in the URL of the post. Make sure that the URL is between 75 characters.
  5. Make sure that the focus keyword is used several times in that article. Don’t use that keyword too much or less. Write articles of a minimum of 600 words. It would be better if you write 2000 or more than that. The best is 2400 words. Try to write content using short paragraphs.
  6. Use media content like videos and images. Make sure that every media is created by yourself. Don’t copy. Use the focus keyword as the name of an image and also add an alt attribute. And add make sure that the alt attribute has been added in all the images.
  7. Add links from external resources. That means add links from any other domains as per need.
  8. Do internal linking. That means to link other resources from your website. 
By following these tips you can write SEO friendly article. After writing SEO-friendly articles your website or blog will get the top position in google and also in other search engines like bing, yahoo, etc.
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