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Image Alt text Importance | Create a great alt text

In this article, we are going to discuss Image Alt text Importance . Now alt text is really important for improving your image SEO. We are g...

In this article, we are going to discuss Image Alt text Importance. Now alt text is really important for improving your image SEO. We are going to share a little bit about why that is and how you can write a really good alt text for all of your products and for every page on your website.

Image Alt text Importance

Image Alt text Importance

So what is alt text

Alt-text is simply an alternative text that describes your image so alt text goes by a couple of other names. But they are all the same thing. There are alt descriptions, alt attributes, there is alternative text it is just spelled out completely and then there is something called alt tags which is actually technically not correct but people call it. That anyway all right. 

Read these 5 points about the effective SEO process. 

Why is alt text important?

Alt-text is used for screen readers. So it is used for the visually impaired. So if someone is blind for example. They can not see what is actually on the computer. So they use a device called a screen reader which will read off the alternative tax or the alt text on an image to tell them what the image is about. 

So, as you can imagine you want your alt text to correctly describe your image. And the reason I am saying this is because there has been a trend of putting incorrect information in alt text in order to game the system. 

We will talk about that later. But you want to correctly describe your image that way you are not deceiving anyone and you are not frustrating anybody. That is trying to understand what your image is about.

Alright, and the second reason is that you want to create an alt text for your images in order to optimize your image SEO opportunity. So, basically, you want to always make sure that you don't have your alt text missing or that it is not crummy. Image Alt text Importance is for search engine crawlers. 
Because that information is going to be used by search engines to understand your content. 

Now, remember that search engines such as Google are just robots. They don't have eyes to see the images that you are placing on your website. You might have a picture of a chocolate chip cookie because you are selling baked goods and you probably think well they understand that it is a picture of a chocolate chip cookie. 

But if you don't have a file name or alt text that properly describes that image Google and other search engines don't know what the image is about. They just see an image and they don't know what it is.

So this is your opportunity to give Google more information about your images and this can help you show up in both Google search results and also in Google images. 

Now, this is great because we are talking about organic search traffic. Meaning someone types something into a search engine and then hopefully your website is pulling up as a search result for that query. Now, this doesn't automatically happen. 

We are just saying that if you have your alt text filled out you have a higher likelihood. Now there is a lot of other things to consider such as the other 200 ranking factors that go into deciding who ends up on that first page. 

But just like anything, this is just one step to get you closer to ranking higher to having better SEO, to having better visibility across Google and other search engines.

So, if for example, you had an image of a dog wearing a wool sweater. You would want to say a "small dog wearing a red-striped wool sweater". So, this is really good because you are giving Google a lot of information to work with and especially. 

If it is a product such as a sweater on the dog then you want to really describe that product in case someone is looking for that item on Google. So, kind of think about what people are looking for and just kind of keep it human readable. 

Don't put a bunch of gibberish on there kind of speak like a human basically and it should make sense and you are properly describing the image. Remember you are never trying to deceive people all right.

So, now we understand all text pretty well and now we are going to talk about how do you create a great alt text. How do you write to them?

Create a great alt text

You will want to keep it short and sweet. So I recommend using at least four words. So, four to eight words and this is a good range. I would say because it kind of keeps it really short. So you are just describing what is in the image. 

But you are also using you know eight words is a decent amount of words. So, you really kind of go into the core of what is this image about. And I would say that you will want to definitely use descriptive language. 

So, if it is a person you can do the who, what, where, of the person, what is the person doing, where is the person, what is the scenery, like the person has an object in their hand. 

And if the image is of a product that you are trying to sell well definitely describe that product right what is the size, what is the color, what materials are being used, what is in the picture. 

You know what kind of product are you selling that people are going to be looking for and most importantly when you write all text you just kind of type it in with spaces like you would. 

Normally type you don't need to include dashes or underscores this is not necessary for a fact. Don't do it just leave spaces and this is perfect.

So, you do not want to go over a hundred and twenty-five characters and that is because this is where the screen reader will cut off. So the screen reader will stop speaking to the person who is visually impaired at a hundred and twenty-five characters. 

So you want to keep it within 125 characters, so that, the screen reader can correctly communicate to the person using the screen reader what your image is about. Without getting truncated.

You will also want to include keywords at least one or two a minimum of one I would say. So keywords are important words or phrases that reflect the product that you are selling. 

So for example, if I was selling a cat bowtie then that might be my keyword people are searching for cat bowtie on Google search. 

And lo and behold I saw those so my image is of a cat wearing a bowtie. I will definitely want to include "cat bowtie" in the image alt text. But the point is, is that you will want to include keywords? So Google knows what you are talking about and Google will understand that. 

That is what you are trying to rank for or that is what is most important about your image keywords help Google and other search engines understand.

The content of your image and keywords are also important for ranking. So definitely don't forget about them.

But at the same time, you don't look to keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is when you just jam-pack your alt text with a bunch of keywords.

An example of this would be "an amazing cat bowtie by cat bow ties sail cat bowtie discount cat bow ties".

Okay, you get the picture. But this actually happens people really do this. But Google doesn't like this. Google will think that a website that is doing this is trying to game the system and they will think that that website is of low quality or spammy and they are not going to suggest it to users looking for that product. 

So, dazzling don't keyword stuff it can negatively affect your ranking. And it's a bad practice and we talked about this earlier. But don't deceive people so accurately. Describe what is in your image. Don't write anything else. 

If you are trying to rank for something that is not really relevant to the image because then it won't make sense to the screen readers and also you will confuse Google and it is just bad. So don't do that it is a bad practice as well let's do an example together.

So we are looking at a picture. Here of pineapple juice and let's go ahead and call that alt text "pineapple juice". Now, what is wrong with this for just using two words. But we mentioned earlier that we should use a minimum of four words. 

Four to eight words is a good brain and remember you can take up the whole 125 characters. So we are not really optimizing here. 

Now, what if we were to name this image "cold-pressed-pineapple-juice". Now that is better because we are using some terminology that perhaps customers might be typing into the search bar to look for this product cold-pressed juice is a term that people use. 

So it is better we are adding more detail more info to this image and it not only helps the screen reader person understand what this image is about but it also helps Google understand what is being depicted in this image and lastly our amazing alt text. 

That we have come up with is "handcrafted cold-pressed pineapple mango juice" this is an example of an amazing alt text. Because we are using seven words. So that is a great number of words to be using and we are also giving a lot of details about the products. 

We now know that it is handcrafted. That it is called the press. We know the flavors it is mango and pineapple and it is juice this might be something that someone is searching for in the Google search bar. So it is really important to kind of put as many details as possible and also keeps it simple.

This is an example of not keyword stuffing and the keyword that I am trying to target is cold-pressed and I have only used it once. I didn't repeat it over and over and over again so this is a good practice. Just include your keyword once and you can use a secondary keyword something that describes it in even more detail. 

Once as well how do you use the get clicked app to update your alt text so on our dashboard you can go ahead and click on the product insights and then here you will see an index of all of your products we made it so that you will see if any alt text is missing it will show up in red and then you can just go ahead and click on any product you will see a list of all of the images for that one product and you will see if any of them are missing or if you need to update them somehow but definitely go ahead and make to fix all of your alt tags using the rules and guidelines that we described here.

I have discussed the Image Alt text Importance with examples. 
I hope this article gave you a better understanding of what alt text is and how you can write to them to improve your overall SEO. 

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