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Digital marketing | Two strategies

Digital marketing and it's two strategies. We have discussed two strategies in digital marketing. These are, pull strategy and push str...

Digital marketing and it's two strategies. We have discussed two strategies in digital marketing. These are, pull strategy and push strategy.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the internet and other digital resources to promote products, services, or brands. There are many digital sources available like web, email, instant messages, social networks, mobile devices, videos, RSS, and podcasts. 

The scope of digital marketing is broad. However, digital billboards and TV cannot be referred to as digital marketing sources. Even though these are digital technologies; the advertising results are not quantifiable. 

Digital marketing provides facilities to count the number of people who saw the message, the number of actions taken, and the number of purchases made. People can indeed see marketing messages that TV and digital billboards present. 

Also, people take actions according to those marketing messages. However, we cannot count the number of actions they take. Therefore, digital billboards and TV are not considered as true digital marketing sources.

The facility of quantifying the result is the main advantage behind digital marketing when compares to ordinary marketing. Also, the cost incurs with digital marketing is low compared to other marketing methods. 

Hence, digital marketing is getting more popular among business people. Some may think that it is a completely new section on marketing. However, it is only a new dimension of marketing.

Two strategies

There are two strategies in digital marketing. They pull strategy and push strategy.

Pull Digital Marketing 

The strategy within the pull digital marketing is; potential customers actively search your business through your marketing content. 

For example, a potential buyer finds your website or blog through a Google search. Or, he decides to check your website because of the useful content you have published on a social media site. 

When using a pull strategy, lots of steps may involve when attracting a potential customer. However, the probability of success is higher than the push strategy.

Push Digital Marketing 

This strategy pushes people towards your product, service, or brands. Push digital marketing can be an email, social media post, or RSS feed with links to your website or blog. 

Push digital marketing is very suitable to market your business to people who are already on your list. Also, you can personalize your marketing tools to address each person individually. 

For example, you can personalize your email by addressing them individually. Push strategy is beneficial, but it takes more time, effort, and money.

According to the nature of your business, your marketing budget, and your business goals, the digital marketing media, and the marketing strategy should be selected. 

It is important to select the most effective digital marketing source to achieve the best results. We advise you to get the assistance of a reputed digital marketing agency to build your marketing plan. 

If you have established your business in London, you can find a professional digital agency in London to launch a successful marketing campaign by selecting the most suitable digital source that matches your budget and business goals. 

Search for a digital agency in London on Google. You will get many results. But make sure to select only a professional in the industry to fulfill your business dream.

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