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White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

In this article, I have shared a little bit about the white hat and black hat SEO. To understand the difference between those two SEO aspec...

In this article, I have shared a little bit about the white hat and black hat SEO. To understand the difference between those two SEO aspects, I think we first need to understand a bit more about where Google is coming from.

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Google is primarily a search engine. Google delivers search results to their end-user. It is the relevancy of those search results that have made them the king of the search engines. They are the most relevant search engine for what most people are looking for. 

So to protect this relevancy and ultimately their profits, they have created a set of guidelines, and these guidelines are freely available for any company or website that are out there. They just list does and don'ts about what you can do or shouldn't do on your websites. 

Now, these rules are just rules. They are Google s rules. They are not laws. There is no prison sentence associated with breaking one of Google s rules. But there are quite stiff penalties, which can be devastating to an online business.

It's in this set of guidelines which arises the difference between white and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO, simply put, follows Google s guidelines. They don't break or bend the rules. Whereas, the techniques of black hat SEO will break the rules or bend the rules. And that is why the fundamental differences between these become more apparent. 

White hat SEO is associated with techniques that have little to no risk at all. If you follow the guidelines appropriately that google has sent, you are not going to get any sort of penalty or penalization from Google. 

If however, you use the black hat techniques, you do run the risk of being penalized by the search engines. 

Now penalization can take the form of being wiped from Google's index, and this simply means that you no longer will be able to be found within Google, or at least your website won't be found within Google search results. 

This can be a devastating and fatal blow to an online marketing strategy or company s business and can result in the loss of a lot of money generated from online resources.

So, really, this risk is the fundamental difference that separates the white hat and black hat SEO. Now several different techniques can be used in both quarters, and some are more clever or more subtle than others. 

Concerning black hats techniques, there are procedures that you can implement. By applying that may result in a website not being caught by Google for a very long time, if at all. Although their search engine robots are very clever at discovering blackhat techniques.

To give you an idea or an example of the difference between a white hat and a black hat technique, let s take the use of keywords on-page. 

White hat SEO will use keywords on a page to build the relevancy for that page to that keyword and the page will be indexed safely. 

Black hat will use keyword stuffing where the keyword will be used over and over and over again on a page which is not a good practice and google doesn't recommend this. 

With regards to off-page activities, link building, for example, used by many white hat SEO consultants, you get links from other websites on the Internet that essentially to promote your website. 

Black hat would use link farms or buy links from other websites, and this is definitely against Google's guidelines.

Read about link building in SEO.

Now the pros of using white hats or black hat SEO, I think, can become a bit more apparent. White hat, the pro is really a lack of risk. There is no risk involved in your website being banned from google indexing. 

But black hat has a different pro, and that is that you can get results so quickly, and depending on the industry that you are in, this may be more relevant to what you are actually trying to achieve. 

If, for example, you rein an industry where people use a sort of rinse and repeat black hat technique, they create a website, use the black hat to optimize it, get results, make a profit, get banned from Google, and then create another site and do the same thing all over again. 

This can go on forever essentially. But you are not really going to get the benefit that you get out of a long-term online marketing strategy. 

So, the white hat SEO technique is a very stable and long-term source of generating revenue, whereas the black hat is a very immediate way of doing that and also carries this high risk.

So, these are some of the fundamental differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. I hope that's been of help to you. 

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