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Careers and Salaries in SEO Field | Future of SEO

Careers and Salaries in SEO Field are discussed here. The search engine optimization salary is ₹239155 on average in Indian sectors.  A ca...

Careers and Salaries in SEO Field are discussed here. The search engine optimization salary is ₹239155 on average in Indian sectors.

 A career field that has become a rage in recent times is search engine optimization or as it is called SEO. If you are interested to make a career in the field of information technology it will be a good option.

Careers and Salaries in SEO Field

Careers and Salaries in SEO Field

Today SEO is a wide field and again it offers many different kinds of career opportunities. We are dividing this article into three parts.
  1. SEO carrier opportunities
  2. Salaries in the field of SEO
  3. The future of SEO

SEO carrier opportunities 

Today SEO has emerged as a hot career opportunity and the demand for SEO professionals is ever-increasing. Because of the growing awareness, the popularity of the internet and the easy access to not only just hit desktops and the laptop but also in mobile devices and in tablets. 

The carrier opportunities exist almost in all parts of the world. A career in the field of search engine optimization is very interesting and at the same time, it is very lucrative too. There so it does not only attract fresh individuals from the college but also people from related and unrelated things such as web designers, software developers, content writers, SEO copywriters, social media marketers, and hardware engineers, etc. 

Starting from the junior most to the senior-most there are a lot of job opportunities and career opportunities as the SEO freelancer, SEO entrepreneur, and SEO advisor. 

Search engine optimization salary 

How much do the SEO professionals earn in India? Salaries paid to the SEO professionals depend on several factors such as age, qualification, number of years experience, and the organization you are working with. 

However, on average, a fresh or a person with limited experience in the field of SEO starts from twelve thousand rupees per month and can reach about twenty-five thousand in two years. One can earn fifty thousand rupees after four to five years.

After acquiring specialized skills like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, content marketing, etc the salary may again leap to anything from fifty thousand to one lakh rupees. Once again it depends on your education qualifications and the company is working with. 

However, if you decide to become a freelance consultant content writer or Club other skills with SEO then you can earn a handsome amount and enjoy a decent lifestyle. 

Future of SEO

The future of SEO is absolutely safe. SEO will remain popular as a career option as long as people are going to use the search engines and I don't think search engines are going out of fashion. 

Yes, it may become more difficult for the new people to enter the SEO career as the SEO will become more and more sophisticated and complicated and therefore people with limited skills will find it difficult to enter the field or get a good salary. 

Therefore you even as an experienced SEO person should continue to upgrade your skills and knowledge about SEO, marketing, algorithm changes, etc. 

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