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Computer science careers | In different fields in the major

In this article, I wanted to focus on computer science careers in different fields in the major. So let's get started.   Computer scie...

In this article, I wanted to focus on computer science careers in different fields in the major. So let's get started.

Computer science careers


Computer science careers

Now as a computer scientist there are many specific job titles you can acquire including-
  1. Software developer
  2. Computer systems analyst
  3. Network systems administrator
  4. Database administrator 
  5. Web developer
  6. Security analyst
Now there are more. But I am going to focus on these. 

Software developer

A software developer is probably what you imagine a computer scientist. If someone who of course develops software. they write the code that makes very intensive applications do what they need. you may help develop the online shopping software when it comes to Amazon and Walmart. you could write the computer graphics software for video games.
You could write the software that banks use to help with the management of funds and people to account they can transfer money for example. you can help write mobile applications which have basically an endless amount of possibilities. 

You can help with software that's used for doing taxes or that tracks your money. you could write antivirus software. You can work on Adobe Photoshop or paint or the operating system your computer is using or really anything else that comes up on your computer. 

Honestly, really anything on your phone and computer as well as some other devices need software developers to make. As a software developer, you could write code test your code search for bugs, and much more for a variety of applications. 

A software developer is actually one of the very few jobs on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That it's more than a million jobs and is growing at a rate faster than most other jobs. I'm not saying this field is right for everyone. but you could say it's definitely not a bad choice. 

Computer systems analyst

A computer systems analyst is someone who evaluates and optimizes an organization's computer systems. These large systems that businesses use will different as you look across various sectors like finance, insurance, and healthcare. 

This person would have an understanding of hardware and software. But usually, you would not be doing the hardware or software development and self like writing the code or designing the hardware. 

They might oversee the installation of a new system and then troubleshoot the system once it's operational or they can calculate memory and speed requirements to ensure the system is optimized. 

Again this tool has large employment and a very fast growth rate at the moment and a high paying salary. Other ways to get into this though include computer engineering or information systems as a major. 

Network systems administrator

A network systems administrator would monitor computer networks like local area networks or wide area networks for a business or organization. Again you probably won't be really writing code but more working with a physical computer network themselves. They may have to 

  • Monitor network traffic 
  • Evaluate software and hardware 
  • Install firewalls 
  • Make sure the network is easy to access for staff 
  • Troubleshooting network problems etc 

Database administrator

A database administrator handles database maintenance and security. Whenever you store your shipping address or username and password it is put in the company's database which consists of long tables and entries. These databases must be safe from hackers as they contain sensitive information. 

So a database administrator would make sure that information is secure and backup existing information in case something happens. They would optimize existing databases and deal with any breaches or bugs in the system. 

Again they aren't really doing the initial programming and writing endless amounts of code. But more working with the already created software in the physical databases to run tests and troubleshoot. 

Web developer

Web developers focus on the development of solid websites. This person is doing a lot of programming. But whereas a software developer might work on something like Adobe Photoshop or antivirus software web developers focus only on websites. 

You may do the front-end programming which involves programming things that people can see and interact with on the website. Like where a button has implemented the layout of the page will pop up when you press a certain button, a drop-down menu making a user friendly, making sure the website works on various screen sizes, and more. 

For those who are curious HTML, CSS and JavaScript would be languages used for this. But then another web developer may do the backend programming. This is where you program those things that people don't see. 

Like did you go book a hotel room, you interact with all the front-end stuff? But, when you press the button to book the room and wait for it to process what's happening in the background. It is processing your credit card. It is putting your name and information in their database. So it stores your login info and more. 

None of this you see happening. But someone how to program all that to happen quickly safely and efficiently. 

Security analyst

Lastly, a security analyst serves to protect a company's network from problems and security breaches. Now again they typically don't develop the software that is used to protect against the problems. But they might install software such as firewalls and then run tests that assess how secure the system is.

Especially for companies involved in banking and finance. These companies must stay ahead and ensure that they have very secured websites.

So, these are some computer science careers in different fields in the major. try to focus on your passion. Work hard but on your passion with love. 

After the lockdown situation in the world, these career options will be cool for you. 

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