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Know about external Links with Code Sample, Optimization, and Link Building.

External Links

External links are the hyperlinks that you add to a webpage on another website. In other terms, if another website links to you, the link is considered as the external link for your site. 

External Links

Similarly, if you link to another website, this will be considered as the external link for that website. It is also referred to as the link that points to an external domain. The site to which you are adding the link can be a blog, social media, directory, or any other site that can promote your site on the web.

Code Sample of External Links

<a href="http://www.external-domain-example.com/" title="Keyword Text">Keyword Text</a>

External links are very important in terms of SEO, or when we consider making the ranks of websites higher it is essential to take deep care of these links. 

In SEO terminology, it is believed that these links are the primary source of ranking power as they pass Link Juice (ranking power) differently and search engines consider them as third party votes.

External links optimization tips

Before adding external links to your site, search, and find relevant and important websites that you can link to. 

Also, make sure that these links are related to the content of the linking page. 

You can also put keywords on the anchor text and make direct as well as top-level domain links. 

But, avoid linking too many sites as this could harm the rankings of your own site. Furthermore, don't point unimportant and banned URLs to your site.

External Link Building

External link building is the process of getting links from authority and relevant websites that highly affect ranking at search engines. 

The more external links you achieve from good quality and relevant websites, the better ranking you gain within SERPs. You can follow the following measures to increase link building:
  • Ask partners to link back to our channelized page
  • Never buy links from other websites except for the directory submissions
  • Ask the linking website to include targeted keywords within the anchor-text
  • Encourage readers to link to your page by placing social bookmarking links on each page
  • Become an active member of various forums and mention our pages in the forum posts
Now, read about internal links.

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