What is the title tag for SEO? | On-page SEO

Here I have discussed the guidelines of the title tag for SEO. Also about the title tag optimization and the best practices like Keyword Research, Keyword Placement, Consider Readability, and Organic CTR.

Title tag for SEO
The title tag for SEO

The title tag for SEO

Title Tag is one of the major components of on-page SEO. It is the tag the search engines use to populate their rankings. In order to achieve high rankings of your websites, you need to be specific with your titles. While putting the title to your website, make sure that it becomes impressive and reflects your keyword. Also, select an appropriate and content smart keyword that appears as the clickable text for the user to pick from the search results. The title tag is displayed in both the top of a browser and within the browser tabs.

Example of title tag:

<title>Wrestling Rhinos</title>

Here, "Wrestling Rhinos" will appear as the hyperlink placed to your page by Google in the search results.

The title tag Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed while building The title tag for SEO:

  • A range of 60 to 90 characters with spaces is a good standard. Google only recognizes 70 characters with spaces included.
  • Place the most important keywords for that page in the title tag and keep them as close to the beginning of the tag as possible.
  • Keep non-keyword terms to a minimum.
  • Each page should have a unique title focusing on the keywords for that page.

Title Tag Optimization

Title tags are the first elements your potential clients see within the SERPs. When you insert keywords in the title tags the search engines make the keywords "bold" in the search results when a user searches something by inserting those keywords. This process enhances the visibility and makes the click-through rate higher.

Title tag optimization best practices

Keyword Research

Search engines will not display your webpage at the top of the list unless and until you select an appropriate and content stuffed keyword. Doing extensive research enables you to select proper keywords to integrate them into title tags.

Keyword Placement

It is said that the closer to the start of the title tag a keyword is, the more it increases the rank, and the more likely a user will click them to search results.

Consider Readability and Organic CTR

As the title tag is the accurate and concise description of a page's content, it's better to create compelling title tags to achieve more visits from the search results. To increase the organic CTR and readability of your title tag, you have to test different messaging in your title tag and reorganize the SEO dynamically.

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