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What is Google sandbox? | New sites ranking

In this article, you are going to know what is google sandbox in SEO for new sites ranking . I am going to be talking about the what thoug...

In this article, you are going to know what is google sandbox in SEO for new sites ranking. I am going to be talking about the what though, why and finally the why should you care. 

What is google sandbox?

What is Google sandbox?

The Google sandbox has been around for quite some time, and it tends to have a lot of different meanings in the SEO world. The purpose of this article we're going to be talking about the sandbox effect with new websites. 

This is going to affect anybody that is planning on building out a website somebody that doesn't have a website or any new businesses. This is really going to affect you and is something that you should consider when planning out your digital marketing strategy.

The Google sandbox like I said has been around for a while and it's essentially a timeout in Google. Google has a way of penalizing a site and what this means? Is it kind of D values your on-page SEO and your links.

Say according to Google's algorithm you should be showing up in the number two spot for a certain search term. If you have either a penalty or you're in the Google sandbox it's going to devalue your website a little bit and instead of showing up in the number two spot which according to its algorithm you should be showing up in it's going to knock you down a few places and then sometimes a few pages.

You are not going to be as visible in Google as you really should be. with SEO two main factors go into how a website should be ranked. and that is on-page SEO and backlinks to the website. those are of course there's a lot of different things. but those are the two main things that we like to focus on.

Let's say your on-page SEO is perfect and you have a good amount of Link's going into your site those all kind of go into the site and they count for something. they count essentially for like a score how you should be showing up in Google. 

What Google does is they kind of say your on-page SEO is great but we are not going to consider it that great. Your links are really nice but we're not going to consider them very nice either so it's just essentially devaluing any SEO efforts that you've done.

Why would Google want to have a sort of time out or sandbox effect in its search algorithm? 

The reason behind it goes to fight webspam. So what a lot of people used to do in the past before they implemented this kind of sandbox penalty. 

Was you could create a brand new website today? and then blast a whole bunch of artificial links pointing to the website and use a lot of black hat techniques that Google really does not want you to do or approve of.

What would happen is if you're doing everything right-you're blasting really good fake links to your website you could show up on the first page for certain keywords within a matter of a few days or a few weeks. so these people would do what they call churn and burn. 

They would create a website blast a whole bunch of links at a and then it would show up on the first page of Google for a short period until Google finds out that you're using fake links and will devalue the website.

It's called churn and burns because these people don't really care about their website getting knocked out of Google as long as they can show up on the first page for at least a little bit.

To stop people from immediately building a website and ranking on the first page and cashing in on that sort of effect, they implemented a sandbox effect. 

So this means that once you create a new website Google essentially puts you in the sandbox and it will take anywhere from three to six months for Google to start to trust your website and to start seeing some organic traffic. So that goes on to why should I care.

If you're a small business or your establishment getting on the web soon just know that it's going to take between three and six months for Google to start trusting your website and that's because it's trying to do its best to weed out these sort of spammers and the easiest way for them to do.

That is to make there be a long delay by the time that you create a website and by the time that Google will start trusting it and showing it up in the search results. So why should you care? So obviously I discussed that this sandbox effect was created to stop spammers.

Our partners are oftentimes like construction people or small local businesses they're not spammers. So why should they have to care about the sandbox effect? Well unfortunately because Google is being so aggressive against fighting spam that a lot of the little guys are hurt along the way.

Let's say you create a brand new business and your business is absolutely exploding in the real world. you have more business than you know to do with. so you decide to create a website. 

You create a website and you would expect that since your business is doing so well and that you're so popular in real life that would kind of translate into Google well. it doesn't. 

Even if you have a multi-million dollar business and you just get online today. It's gonna take you quite some time to begin showing up in Google the way that your business really should be and then stood for the sandbox effect.

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