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What is HTML Sitemap? Know How HTML Sitemap help in SEO

We are going to discuss what is HTML sitemap . previously we have discussed the XML sitemap. html SEO sitemap plays a vital role in website ...

We are going to discuss what is HTML sitemap. previously we have discussed the XML sitemap. html SEO sitemap plays a vital role in website users.

What is HTML Sitemap in SEO?

HTML Sitemap is more like an actual page of your website that primarily outlines the entire structure of your site along with that it also links to all the important pages on your site.

HTML Sitemap

It is very vital for you to not get confused about the usage of an HTML sitemap with an XML one. In general, an XML sitemap just outlines the structure of your site, but the key advantage is that the XML format is understood only by search engine bots. When you visit an XML sitemap you will able to see a bunch of code.

On the other hand, an HTML sitemap is very much useful in almost all situations. In fact, it is very much valuable for human visitors. For visitors it allows them to come across any page within a website without wasting any time. Second, this also symbolizes a very competent method to deal with your link among the pages of your site.

HTML sitemap is very often mentioned as being helpful for SEO. They certainly are, but only when you use them wisely. Ideally, it is important that you have all the pages linking to this sitemap and it linking back to all the pages.

How to create HTML Sitemap and how does it help a website?

Instead of manually creating sitemaps, free sitemap generators are available all over the Internet. You can utilize them to generate an HTML sitemap for your website or blog.

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You don't want visitors to have to look at your sitemap, but an HTML sitemap needs to be there, ready, and efficient. Since visitors often turn to sitemaps to avoid using cranky on-site navigation, it's best to use an entirely different hierarchical structure for your HTML site. 

An HTML sitemap allows site visitors to easily navigate a website. Perhaps, one can consider it as a bulleted outline text version of the site navigation. The anchor text displayed in the outline is linked to the page it references. For a visitor it gets a lot easier to just go to the Sitemap to locate a topic he or she is not able to find out by searching the site or navigating through the site menus.

Kindly note that this Sitemap in general is created in XML format and submitted to search engines so they can crawl the website. In fact, it is this HTML Sitemap that helps search engines get aware of every page on the site, including any URLs that are not discovered through the normal crawling procedure. 

Apart from this, the HTML sitemap also proves very handy to those who use Flash or Javascript driven menus. It adds accessibility and services to the bots which cannot read your navigation menu(s).

How HTML Sitemap help in SEO?

For SEO to be effective it is essential that the search engine spiders and web crawlers appropriately index a website. 

Now, one of the best ways of encouraging full indexing of your website by the spiders is to integrate an HTML sitemap. Whilst this can be read and the links followed by spiders, it also has the benefit of being readable by humans as well. 

A visitor can also take reference to an HTML site map to navigate when he or she faces difficulty in finding a specific page without difficulty. 

It allows a clickable pathway from the home page to each and every other page on the website. 

It gets Google to index the pages on the site; is more powerful than Javascript navigation and also allows link juice to flow, etc.

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