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YouTube mistakes to avoid | 10 Causes for failure

If you are a content creator of a YouTube channel and thinking that you are failing then read this. Here are discussed 10 YouTube mistakes ...

If you are a content creator of a YouTube channel and thinking that you are failing then read this. Here are discussed 10 YouTube mistakes to avoid.

YouTube mistakes to avoid
YouTube mistakes to avoid

YouTube mistakes to avoid

Follow these steps but also know that show or hide the number of subscribers and how to do that??

Number 01

The very first thing that you should never do, if you are experienced you probably know this already, but if you are new, you should never sub-for-sub. And the reason for that is not only is it just something that people think is sleazy, and people don't like it, and they think it is lame, and they will think you are lame for doing it. 

But according to YouTube, that is repetitive and unwanted comments, which makes it fall into the spam category, which can make your channel get deleted from YouTube, which is something that you really do not want. 

It doesn't matter what language you use. It doesn't matter if you are saying "sub-4-sub," or it doesn't matter if you are saying "check me out" or "let's support each other." Whatever crafty way that you are trying to think that, hey, you know, people aren't going to catch on to what is going on here, only the new YouTubers are going to know, everybody knows, so just don't do that, okay? 

Number 2

Next up is to reply to a bunch of comments on another creator's channel hoping that people will come over to your channel. That is another one that is just kinda sleazy. 

It is great to be active in the communities, but when it is clear and obvious that you are responding to comments just so people will come over and check out your channel, (inhales sharply) pretty lame. And anybody's channel that you do that on, they are going to think the same thing. 

Being helpful is one thing. Trying to be sneaky, that is a whole other thing, so don't do that. 

Number 3

The YouTube mistakes to avoid is wing it and hope it works out; here is why. Sometimes it works out, but in a lot of cases if you don't have some type of loose plan put together if you don't have some type of goal that you are going for or you don't really know why it is that you are on YouTube really, then you are going to get caught up in this loop of all kinds of weird and bad decisions. 

Because you don't really know what direction it is that you want to go. And because of that, you are going to just be pulled in all different directions. So having some type of plan is extremely important on YouTube. 

Number 4

Another thing that you should never do for the sake of yourself and your own expectations is to expect huge results for a low content quality or low effort. And look, I am not saying that you gotta have the best cameras in the world or anything like that. 

Like, you can just rock it on a mobile phone. Plenty of people do. But what I am saying is if you are not putting effort into just lighting your videos, and the sound is horrible, and you are expecting, hey, why isn't this working out for me? Because you are expecting all of these big results, but you are not putting that effort into it to make sure that the viewer has a great experience. 

Well, those expectations will make you want to quit YouTube. It will make people just not respond to you, because, 

It is a bad experience for them
You are going to want to quit eventually because you are just not getting those results that you are after because your expectations are way up here, but your content is down here.

And if that is your situation right now, like, I am not trashing you; don't get me wrong. But what I am saying is that you know, with all this stuff, there are different skills that you have to develop and all of that. And the understanding of, you know, hey, this is how I like my videos or this is how I get good audio and things like that, that is just stuff that you have to develop over time. 

Number 5 

One of the YouTube mistakes to avoid that I see a lot of content creators doing in terms of the expectations is people will literally quit their job so that they can go full-time on YouTube. But the content that they are putting out does not support a full-time YouTube career if that is what you want to call it. 

So before you make a leap like that, and don't get me wrong, I love to see people just going for it, but before you make a leap like that, make sure that you at least have a really good understanding in terms of how to put content together that people respond to so that you can get some results here on YouTube.

Because starting and not knowing anything about the platform or how to make content or any of that stuff, you are really setting yourself up for failure. So before you make a big jump like that, make sure you develop those skills and have those skills together first so that you can make the right choice. 

And with that said, don't let me suck the wind out of your sails. I mean, maybe you can do it. But I am just saying that with the people that I have seen try to do that, it just hasn't worked out. 

I am sure there are exceptions, but with those exceptions, I guarantee you the people that came in already had some skills in place and some understandings in place in terms of how things work in order to make that work out for them. 

Number 6 

The next thing that you should never do on YouTube, regardless of how big your channel is is to assume that you know everything because YouTube is a constantly evolving thing. Our content is constantly evolving. 

The viewer's expectations are constantly evolving. And because of that, there are things that are like, hey, this what is working right now, but you might watch a video from five years ago, and that stuff doesn't even apply anymore, but you are saying, hey, that is what this person said, so I am just going to apply it now, but it is not even relevant anymore. 

So a really good practice that you want to get into is you want to look at all of the stuff that you are doing constantly as I know these particular things work according to my stats. These particular things work right now. 

So I am going to continue to keep doing these until I start to see a drop. When I start to see a drop, I am going to try to figure out why, because I am going to use my stats for that, and then once I figure out why, then I am going to adjust as needed, and then I am going to keep moving forward and try to get those results back up. 

But it is a really good idea to assume when it comes to your own content that you just don't know anything. And by doing that, you are constantly trying to improve. You are constantly trying to learn more. You are constantly just educating yourself on all of this stuff, and that will make you better at it. 

Number 7 

The next YouTube mistakes to avoid is that you should never under any circumstance try to be another YouTuber. Yes, be inspired by another content creator. 

Take some ideas here and there from different people and make them your own, kind of, but don't ever try to be another content creator, because when people see that, people know, hey this person's trying to be this person, and then you are immediately discredited. 

The best thing that you can possibly do is to be you. So do that and do it properly. 

Number 8 

Another thing that you should never do is to just put up whatever content you want to put up. I mean, well, at least you should never do that if you are trying to get results here on YouTube. But focusing your content is extremely valuable because you start to serve an audience of people. 

Instead of just making whatever it is that you want for whoever, you are really focused on, and you become a resource for a certain group of people. And that by itself can be extremely beneficial for you.

But if you just throw up whatever you want, hey, today I am making a cake video, tomorrow I am making a video on fashion, and the following day I am going to make a video on just general beauty, then I am going to make some camera tips, well, what you are doing is you are diluting everything by doing that. 

So just focus on the type of content that you want to make. And if you want to get results on YouTube, but you also want to have that creative outlet, in that particular case have one channel where you are focusing, you know, for that particular audience, and then have another channel that is nothing but your expression channel where you just do whatever it is you want to do. 

And then you can start comparing the two against each other and see what I mean when I tell you that. 

Number 9

Number 9 from among these YouTube mistakes to avoid is you should never do as a YouTuber is to target negativity. 

Now I know there are some channels that are, like, doing great because they just focus on negative stuff, negative stuff about pop culture, negative stuff about politics and religion, and all this negative stuff about YouTube or whatever. 

But when you focus on that type of content, what happens is you are actually polluting your own brain, which is not cool at all. 

Because if you are polluting your own brain with all this negativity all the time, well, you are going to start to see the world in a different way. 

So, one, you are doing it to yourself, two, you are doing that to the other people that are watching your content. 

Because let's say that your video gets served to somebody, and they normally don't think that way, but for whatever reason, they attach to you and the way that you make your content, well, what is going to happen is you are going to start changing their worldview because you are neggin' 'em out all the time. 

And in my opinion, that is just not a cool thing to do. I mean, of course, do what you like, but I just personally recommend that you don't do that just because it is just, it is just not cool. 

The world doesn't need that kind of stuff. The same thing applies to use excessive language for the sake of using excessive language because you think people will respond to it. 

You can actually hurt the video performance if you use excessive language in your videos. So keep that in mind as well. 

Number 10

Another thing that you should not do is make all this harder on yourself. There are tools and apps and all this different stuff that you can use to make all of this so much easier on you.

So, these are the 10 YouTube mistakes to avoid. Which Causes them to fail. Keep patience. Focus on quality.

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