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Animation jobs field, type, salary and requirements

Discussed  animation jobs field , type, salary, requirements with, advantages, and some suggestions. Jobs in the animation field are funny a...

Discussed animation jobs field, type, salary, requirements with, advantages, and some suggestions. Jobs in the animation field are funny and creative. 

Animation jobs field

Animation jobs field, type, salary

However, the question that naturally arises in your mind is what do you have to do to learn animation, or what are the animation jobs field? Before that, you need to know what are the types of animation.

How can you earn by learning this hobby? And what is its future?

Here are the requirements you need to be an animator.


There are different degrees in this field in Bangladesh and beyond. However, you can also learn this subject through courses or online. Creative thinking, patience, hard-working mentality are needed. 

In the context of our country, more importance is given to creative intelligence and endurance than to this certificate. Along with this, there must be pursuit, effort, and willpower.

Animation jobs salary

If you are new and then you can earn 20 to 30 thousand takas ( 236 USD to 354 USD) after learning the work of animation in our country. And if you can make yourself more efficient with time, then your celery can go up to one lakh takas.

Suggestions for animators

For those who are going to enter the Animation jobs field, I say that you can earn money from jobs as well as freelancing. This profession is comfortable, enjoyable, and creative.

Everyone has an idea about animation. In a word, what can be said is to transform the unreal into reality. Several Hollywood movies, in particular, have introduced us to it well. For example, if you think about a few movies, you can understand. When we think of the names of many movies including Kumfu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, Toy Story, Wanted, Iron Man, Spiderman, Avatar, the word animation comes to our mind.

You know what There are some more movies including Kumfu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean in which the main animator is Bangladeshi. Maybe being surprised.

Bangladesh's Nafiz Bin Zafar has won the world's highest film award, the Oscar Academic Award, for his work on these films.

So what's the fear?

You too can build your career in animation. Outside of Hollywood movies, if the name of the animated movie is mentioned, then Tarzan, Aladdin, Tom and Jerry, Popeye the sailor man, Thundercats, or Meena cartoons come. This is the result of all these animations.

Through animation, donors, and human rights organizations from different countries are spreading their activities all over the world. In this case, first of all, it can be said about the Meena cartoon.

Not just movies, various games now rely on animation. Almost everything from ads, cartoons, or logos to visuals now relies on animation. The demand for animation in Bangladesh has only just begun. Currently, many young people are dreaming of building a career in animation. Many are also working on animation. Animation is one of the most important sectors of information technology.

Animation jobs type

Can work in the movie industry, television channels, news agencies, multinational organizations, NGOs. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to do freelancing in the country.

The demand for animators as a profession is worldwide. The country and its demand are not less in any part. The number of channels in the country is also increasing, as a result of which the demand for animators is also increasing. And as a result, the number of institutions teaching animation is increasing day by day.

A fairly skilled animator can earn lakhs of Takas sitting in the country. Those who are brand new can also earn 20 to 30 thousand Takas ( 236 USD to 354 USD) a month. It is a respectable profession.

Some tools used or still using in animation design

  • 3D max
  • Maya
  • After effect s
  • Motion studio 3D
  • Toon boom studio
  • Animationist

But first, you have to learn. And you have to learn from the basics to advance and practice a lot. The ultimate expression of creativity is possible through animation. 

So keeping in mind the issue of creativity, you have to step into the world of animation. Maybe you are doing something very good that will be very creative. 

So this is an overall discussion on different animation jobs fields. If you are creative and keeping patience, working hard in a proper way, you can succeed. 

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