Banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program | 3 main reasons

When discussing the Amazon Affiliate Program, I said that I would discuss 3 main reasons for being banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program
Banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program

Banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program

So quick disclaimer. Their privacy policy, their terms of services are always changing and this is just what we have seen people getting banned for. To avoid this stuff and all costs and make sure to review the terms of services or terms of conditions frequently. 

3 main reasons 

The first one

The first one is maybe you have tried to indicate any incentive or reward for people to click your links, monetary or otherwise. 

What a lot of people don't realize is that this also means no mentions that people will be supporting you if they click your links. 

It has been seen people getting banned from this and we have even got a warning for something similar in the past.

The second one

The second one is you forget always identify yourself as an Amazon affiliate. Also, make sure that any earning disclosures are exactly as the Amazon requires. 

They set out some exact wording for this and make sure you get the most updated version from their terms of service and use that. 

The third one

The third one is you did not make sure it is clear that everyone who clicks your Amazon affiliate links will be directed to Amazon. Well, it is not an issue if you are using Amazon's links. If you are using any sort of redirects then it does become a bit of a gray area. 

As I mentioned earlier previous article Geniuslinks did their research and they say that they have got the tick of approval from Amazon. But you need to at least indicate next to those links that they go to Amazon's website with an Amazon in brackets or something similar if it is not otherwise clear and obvious. 

So stay safe. These are the mistakes of getting Banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is an awesome affiliate program. 

You just don't wanna jeopardize your earnings and have them disappear overnight because of one oversight. They do monitor this stuff and we have seen some big channels get shut down so don't take any chances. 

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