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Blogger vs WordPress | Which is better & why?

Blogger vs WordPress  which platform to use for blogging? Maybe you are confused about which is better & why?  There are many platforms...

Blogger vs WordPress which platform to use for blogging? Maybe you are confused about which is better & why? There are many platforms for publishing web content. 

Blogger vs WordPress
Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress

The two most popular platforms used are Blogger and WordPress. Below, I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress com vs blogger.


You all know that Blogger is a content writing platform from Google. And that's why its servers are under Google. All data you add to Blogger will be stored on Google's servers.

On the other hand, if we think about WordPress, we will find two options.

  2. Another is that you can install WordPress on that server through hosting from any hosting company. Here you will manage all the options of the server manually. And that server will store all the data on your website.
Blogger may suspend your website if you have problems with Blogger or if you engage in any illegal activity.


When we think of features, we get two things. 

  1. Themes 
  2. Plugins

In the case of Blogger, the number of themes is limited. And the themes that are there are very basic. You won't find many features in these themes. However, you can create a site by downloading and installing different themes online. This will change the look of your blogger.

Your blog will be just like your template. You cannot add any additional options. You can use the options you find in ads and gadgets.

In WordPress, you will get the opportunity to use many plugins and also many advanced options. You will find many more themes and many options to customize. And this is far ahead of Blogger.


First of all, I said that Blogger's server is on Google. And Google is a very powerful company, so it's very secure and less likely to cause problems. If your website is a blogger, there are almost no security issues.

On the other hand, if you use WordPress, there may be security issues. Because it is open source. When you install a team or plugin, you install with confidence thinking that this plugin will work for me or this theme is better. However, in some cases, you may unknowingly use plugins that contain bugs that could harm your site's security system.

So, it can be said that Blogger is the best in terms of security.


I've already discussed that you can't find any plugins on Blogger. In other words, when writing these and friendly posts, you need to understand yourself.

In WordPress, you can easily make your content SEO-friendly by using plugins. Currently, 2 plugins are being used the most. One is East and the other is Rank Math.


If you think about the price, you can use Blogger for free. You can work with custom domains if you want. In this case of a blogger website, you do not need to purchase hosting. Google is giving you free space on the server. Here you can write numerous posts. Also, you will get SSL for free.

In the case of WordPress, you need to buy a domain as well as hosting.

One thing, in particular, is that no matter how much traffic you get on Blogger, your website will not go down.

However, in the case of WordPress, if you have a lot of traffic to your website, if you use shared hosting, the website may be reduced.

This discussion of Blogger vs WordPress shows that you will get a lot of benefits in WordPress, even though WordPress lags behind in terms of security. It is good to use Blogger as a beginner but WordPress is used for professional purposes. Using plugins can increase the security of WordPress.

And if you think about hosting, you should not use shared hosting. Since you are using shared hosting, your website may crash if the traffic increase after the website is ranked.

This was a brief discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger vs WordPress.

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