How to choose your brand name?

Maybe you are thinking about how to choose your brand name. A very good brand name is not just something that looks cool on your business card. It is great because it communicates something to customers.

Choose your brand name

Choose your brand name

When starting a business SEO normally is an afterthought but why not think about SEO from inception? This article looks at SEO considerations when choosing a brand name. 

Following these, you can choose a brand name simply.


Could your brand start with an ‘a’ so they appear top on most directories and other lists? The higher your link on the page the better.

4-5 Letter Name

Keep it snappy so you can maximize character limits in title tags and meta descriptions. Thus you can have better CTA’s which results in better CTR plus short URLs are good.

Catchy Names

Use a name that is intriguing/unique so people are more inclined to mention it and use its links to your site. A memorable name means it’s easy for someone to type it directly in the address bar and including the URL fits in offline advertising.

1 Word Name

Makes it easy to use in hashtags and social sharing. Also prevents your name from being abbreviated which could be a problem with incoming links.

Easy To Spel

The brand should be easy to spell so avoid buying up domains of misspelled variations. Asos is perfect, impossible to misspell! Also if the misspelling is highly searched for it creates a problem for brand SERP domination.

Target Region

Use your country TLD and research what your name means in other countries. Conduct some user testing to find out words people associate with your chosen brand name.

Avoid Exact Match Domains

Not because of The Google EMD update but because they tend to be boring, imagine if Twitter decided to go with

Following these, you can choose your brand name which will be perfect.

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