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Keyword Stuffing and SEO | 5 Points

What do Thanksgiving and SEO have in common? Well, it is all about the Keyword Stuffing . So pay close attention. Here I have discussed five...

What do Thanksgiving and SEO have in common? Well, it is all about the Keyword Stuffing. So pay close attention. Here I have discussed five points that you need to know about keyword stuffing and SEO with an example and SEO. Now, what is Keyword stuffing in google? 

Keyword Stuffing and SEO

Keyword Stuffing and SEO

It is basically like a grab bag term to describe a lot of different things. This means repeating a lot of the same words over and over again.

Keyword stuffing example

Payday loans, payday loans, payday loans. You can use different words, you know. So you are talking about Free credit cards. Credit cards. Weight loss pill. You know.

Read the hidden text and keyword stuffing and know these terms together.

Keyword Stuffing and SEO 5 Points

First off, you need to know properly what is this. For lack of better words, it is really just cramming a bunch of keywords into a piece of content to try and trick Google into thinking that your content is relevant for the keyword at hand. 

Secondly, as a result of this, Google will find you and they will penalize you. This is an old black hat technique, but back in the day, people would basically grey out or white-out specific keyword text to match the background of their site. 

Well, Google has caught onto that too, so whether you are stuffing keywords on purpose and kind of shady-like or you're just doing it on accident, stop because you will get caught and your website will get in trouble too. 

Number three on our list: Keyword density is purely relative. This is for some more advanced users, but if you're pursuing this whole idea of 1% to 3% or 2% to 4% keyword density, you have to realize these "ideals" are really hard to achieve. 

Remember: The amount of content that you have makes your keyword density a constantly-moving target. Instead, just focus on your keywords and you should be in good shape. 

Number four, and to me, most important: Stuffing keywords completely ruins the customer experience. I get the idea that you might be keyword stuffing in order to appease search engines. 

But in the end what will get a search engine from you? Can they enter their credit card? Can they recommend you or share it with you on social? The answers are all "No." Always focus on the customer experience when it comes to your keyword usage instead. 

Lastly, you need to strike a balance when it comes to your keyword usage. I'm not saying that you should totally avoid keywords whatsoever, but you just want to make sure that it allows users to find out what they need and enhances your content. 

So by all means, make sure that if you have a keyword opportunity, that you use it. But if it feels forced, shy away and try something different. 

Keep these five ideas in mind on Keyword Stuffing and SEO when it comes to your keyword placements throughout your content and all of your SEO efforts.

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