Know about Samsung j7 max tempered glass features, how to change, and some tips for the phone screen protector.

Samsung j7 max tempered glass features
Samsung j7 max tempered glass features

Samsung j7 max tempered glass

Tempered glass enhances your mobile smart life. In this screen glass, you will these features.


Hard surface

Its 9H hardness can effectively protect your phone screen from scratching and external shockings.

Anti-shatter flim

If it breaks, then the tempered glass will break into small pieces and interestingly those will not be sharp. That is safer for users.

Oleophobic coating

Its oleophobic coating can prevent fingerprints and from also other stains and it makes the film easy to clean.

Delicate touch

Self-adhesive silicones can touch the mobile screen smoothly. This makes the installation process easier and the phone screen becomes more sensitive for operation.

Samsung j7 max screen glass
Samsung j7 max screen glass

Samsung j7 max glass cover

How to change screen glass?

  1. At first, remove the glass protector which is damaged you are using. 
  2. Now clean the screen using a good screen cleaner.
  3. The next use included alcohol swab (1) and the microfiber fabric(2) to clean the LCD screen before installation.
  4. Next pell the protective layer off the adhesive side.
  5. After that, carefully and perfectly align the glass to the screen and slowly apply it to the screen.
  6. At last press the center of the glass lightly then the adhesive part will spread over all parts smoothly.

Some tips for the phone screen protector

  • Clean the screen thoroughly where dust is less.
  • Chose a place where humidity is higher.
  • Properly wash your hands with soap.
  • The screen must be clean and polished.
  • Glass-flim aligns properly to screen protector and confirm the font and back.
  • Click on the middle of the screen, after that the air spread out automatically.
  • Generally, the use of 2 days is best.
So, these are overall discussion on Samsung j7 max phone tempered glass with it's changing procedure and some tips for protecting that. 

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