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SEO reality vs expectations | 4 myths on SEO

In this article, I have discussed SEO reality vs expectations . I have 4 myths on SEO over here that we are going to do bunk.  I think it is...

In this article, I have discussed SEO reality vs expectations. I have 4 myths on SEO over here that we are going to do bunk. 

SEO reality vs. expectations

I think it is really important because there is a lot of confusion on what SEO is and what your possibilities are with SEO and also there is a lot of gurus who are saying things there is incorrect right. 

SEO reality vs expectations

SEO is doing intentional work to get a website to rank better. Now, this is divided into two roles. 

Technical SEO

The first role is the technical SEO specialist. He is the person doing the keyword research, making sure the page is set up correctly to be indexed by Google, and then the third thing is he is doing outreach for getting guest posts. From that, they could get backlinks. Those are the three main roles of the technical SEO specialist. 

Content writer

The second role is the content writer. The person writing the blog will get indexed by Google. Now at a large company say for example a really big CrossFit website. The SEO guy and the content writer are both going to be very expert at what they do and they are both going to get nice salaries. But at a smaller website, a website that maybe only earns like a few thousand dollars per month is usually a technical SEO guy. Then he will outsource all the writing to someone likely in a country that is developing. Because their cost of living is a little cheaper. So these are the most common two situations that you see. 

Alright so let's go over the four myths. 

4 myths on SEO

SEO is not working now

The first myth is that SEO is not working now. So pretty much SEO dies every single year. Whenever I go on Facebook and this guy is trying to sell me his pay-per-click advertising course he is going to convince me that SEO is dead and sometimes they have good reasoning to say that SEO is dead. For example, if anyone does a google search on a phone he or she will find the top five spots now are all paid ads. Before it was just the top three spots. But there are still a lot of people getting a lot of income from SEO. In the Empire, flippers retreat there is one guy who was making $30,000 a month from its affiliate marketing website doing SEO. At a conference in Chiangmai called the SEO conference Chiangmai and about 500 people attend every year. In 2019 it's sold out. So if SEO was dead how come people are still making a ton of money and also the conferences are still fully booked? 

What is not working? 

It is starting a website from scratch. Now no expert SEO guy creates websites from the scratch. Now like all of them buy existing domains usually from a broker such as Empire flippers and the reason why they don't create their create new domains is. Because Google keeps your website in a sandbox for some time. This means that it won't rank for its first nine months and obviously that is a huge waste of time to see if a website will rank. So usually the best SEO experts buy existing domains that already have some ranking, some backlinks, some keywords. So that is why all SEO experts don't make domains anymore. They took existing ones because most of them already have some traffic and backlinks. 

You can make money from affiliate marketing doing SEO without spending any money

Myth number two you can make money from affiliate marketing doing SEO without spending any money. So, there are a lot of gurus out there that say hey if you buy my affiliate marketing course for a thousand dollars I am going to teach you how to make money on SEO without any cost.

This is not 100% false. But it is practically false. Let me explain. When you start working with a brand new domain as I mentioned you are in the google sandbox period for nine months. Now when you're in the sandbox period it's hard you are going to have to write content and then you're going to have to get backlinks.

Now, most SEO experts are going to outsource this. So they are going to hire someone to write the content and then they are going to pay for backlinks which on the service level are called guest posts. Because you are not supposed to buy links according to Google's Terms of Service. Now could you do all of this work on your own? Could you write all the content? Could you do all the outreach to get guest posts?

Yes, I guess you could. But that is going to be so much work. You could be working on this website for a whole year full time and you may or may not make money from it. Remember an example of a guy I mentioned earlier who was making thirty thousand dollars a month from his website. He was spending about six thousand dollars a month on the backlinks.

Now there is a way to make money from SEO without any money and that is by having your own SEO agency. Now everyone I know that has an SEO agency wants to get out of being an SEO agency. For example, another guy in the Empire flippers mastermind group. He was making around sixty thousand dollars a month from its SEO agency and he wanted to get out of it.

So, why people who have SEO agencies want to get out of it? They pretty much have three jobs.
  1. They have to do the technical SEO number
  2. They have to do the marketing and closing new clients
  3. They have to do the customer service
The clients in these professions are not easier. The people you are going to work with are with little different thoughts. Because SEO results are not instant. This can take three months to six months before SEO has any results. So when you have a client paying you a monthly retainer and they don't see any results they are going to get mad at you. They are going hopeless and it is just a big headache. So, that is why everyone tries to be with a successful SEO agency eventually gets out of that too owning their own websites. Though if you do want to be an SEO expert one day my advice is to get a job at an SEO agency.

SEO is a good source of passive income

Myth number three SEO is a good source of passive income. Now SEO does have residual income. On that website, once it starts ranking it's bringing in consistent traffic and that traffic is buying stuff. So you are getting income. But if you don't do any work on your website them your website will typically start tapering off very quickly.

It depends though. In some cases, you can not work on a website for a whole one or two years and generate the same amount and sometimes you don't touch it for a month and the revenue will start decreasing. This really depends on your website's largeness. For very big websites, there is a lot of domain authority.

There the prego for a very long time without any additional tasks and they will make the same amount of income. But if your website is small it is ranked like seventh or sixth or the second page. it could easily lose those rankings and then your income will go down a lot though if you are finding for a cash flow asset. Buying a content website from the Empire flippers or another broker and then hiring an operator for managing and growing the website for you is a good opinion and a good way to get a cash flow asset.

A website can rank on Google with either just technical SEO or just good content

The fourth and last myth which is your website can rank on Google with either just technical SEO or just good content. Now, it used to be before I would say 15-20 years ago you could rank an article with chest working on technical SEO, keyword stuffing, backlinks. But now Google's algorithm especially in English is highly intelligent and so it's very good at grading whether a piece of content an article or blog is either good quality or bad quality and these spammy keywords stuffing backlinking blackhat stuff doesn't really work anymore.

So it is really good for people who want to create legit websites with good content and honest backlink profiles. So that is why the demand for good content writers is just going to grow every year. So that's SEO reality vs expectations. Here are some reasons why your pages are not being indexed.