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10 ways to secure your Facebook account

How to secure your Facebook account? Here are 10 ways to secure a Facebook account. Save your Facebook account by following these tips. I ha...

How to secure your Facebook account? Here are 10 ways to secure a Facebook account. Save your Facebook account by following these tips.

secure your Facebook account
I have discussed various blogging tips. Lastly, I have discussed how can you embed a Facebook page on a blogger website.

Secure your Facebook account

Secret Email

The very first thing you do is Facebook. The primary email in your YouTube account will be an email that will not be shared with anyone else. Just keep that at yourself. Because a common account losing mistake is to send a password reset request. If someone knows your social media email, they will send a password reset request with it. And if you accept the request by mistake, you are finished. So, if no one else knows your social media email, they will not be able to reset your password.

Do not click on any link in a hurry

Needless to say, if a friend hits and sends a link, he will not be curious and click on that link. Rather, if a friend gives you a work item, he will tell you about it first. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Then be sure to click on that link. Even then there could be two things here. A friend can trap you at will. Or the friend's account has been destroyed and the alliance has friends from that account sending messages to everyone. So, don't click on the link in a hurry.

Check three times before clicking on the link

If someone gives you a link, the link you are clicking on is a familiar site like google drive link or Facebook. com It should be noted. Understand that the link is real facebook ???? No, the link given is not real Facebook. Be a little careful. And don't rush to login and give your password. Which site are you logging in to take a better look?

Must keep two-factor authentication on

All social media, email, even all major websites have two-factor authentication. Those sites must turn on two-factor authentication. If you click on any pop up to change the password on the mobile without realizing it, but that's it. Also, if a friend or someone says that code is coming to your mobile, give it to him even if you forget, you can't give the code to anyone without understanding.

Use an Uncommon Password

Always use a very long password to secure your Facebook account. Where your name or the name of someone close to you will not use. And the password must use numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters. Ex: 1675Komola.Sundori ^! MogolBadshA.

This password cannot be shared with anyone. Or can not be written anywhere. And one social media password will not be used on another social media or any other website. If an account is accessed by anyone else then that he will also eat other social media as well.

Shared computer

Does anyone else use the computer you use? If so, be careful about saving passwords in Google Chrome. Because if someone else has access to the same PC and knows the password of the PC, he can easily go to that PC and find out your password.

Link to profile information, name or email

There is no reason to believe who is working for an organization (especially a stranger) on Facebook profile. Today, if I want, I can go to my profile and write Major General Taimur Karbala Khan. Similarly, if someone sends an email, the name written in the email is not important. Which website you are sending from is important. I'm xCremeFarmer @ gmail. com, I can open the email and write the name Bill Gates above. There is no reason to believe that. And Nigerian Prince, quick to be a big man, money transfer can be a lot if you click on many phishing emails without understanding.

Account login activity

If you go to Facebook's settings and click on Security and Login, you will be able to see when and where you are logging in to which devices. If there is a device that you do not recognize. Then it will log out from that device immediately. And change your password. In a similar way, you can go to Gmail and see which devices you are logged in from.

Private or incognito mode

Never login to your account on someone else's computer or mobile. And if anything is very important then open a new tab in incognito mode (private browsing) of the browser and then login. And if password saving popup comes then don't save that.

Third-party app

Often when we go to play a Facebook game or a new face app or avatar app we actually give them access to our account. And most of the time we don't check and see what app has access to our account. For this go to 

  1. Facebook's Settings and privacy
  2. Then click on settings
  3. Next click on "Apps and websites" to see which apps you are giving permission to.
  4. Then from preferences click on the settings button Apps, websites, and games.
  5. Turn off the settings
  1. Back to security
  2. Click on "Instant games"
  3. Select all the active instant games and then click on the Remove button. Then a new option will come "Also delete your game history on Facebook". Select that also and click on remove.
  4. Do the same things also for the expired games.

If you do not need permission, remove it. And if you want to keep one, see what things he can access in your account.

Have you eaten, baby?😂

Even after doing so much, if someone asks in Bangla "বাবু খাইছো😉?"(Have you eaten baby?😁) - he wants to know the password and you gossip and given the password. Even if you have given the password in the interest of love, if ever the faith or bond of love is shaken, change the password.

So, these are the 10 ways to secure your Facebook account.

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