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5 Subjects every computer science student should know

In this article, I am going to discuss the 5 Subjects every computer science student should know about building a better career . Engineeri...

In this article, I am going to discuss the 5 Subjects every computer science student should know about building a better career. Engineering has more than 43 subjects and probably 10 to 15 practicals. 

Subjects every computer science student should know
Subjects of every computer science student should know

Though you need to complete more other basic subjects these are most important. For building a career, these subjects play a role as a base.

Subjects of every computer science student should know

C++, C language

The first subject that you need to learn is your C language. But I will suggest you not just learn your C language but at the same time also learn C++.

So what you could actually do is that is a trick. Do not learn the C language in the first place. What you could do is you can start tightly into C++. C in C++ index is almost the same.

Although there many new concepts in C++. But if you know C++ and directly start with C++ it will be much easier for you to have a look at C language.

In the later part, this is going to save you time. So the first step needs the first subject that you need to learn is your C and C++.

Data structures

Then comes your second subject. The second subject is one of the most most important subjects and that is I believe you might have guessed it is data structures.

It is such a subject that involves algorithms starting from by the algorithm quicksort algorithm merge sort algorithms and these algorithms are very very important to improve your programming skills.

Also if you want to learn machine learning let me make clear machine learning is nothing more than just algorithms and statistics. I mean this lot more but most of the machine learning part is covered by algorithm statistics.

The second subject is going to be your data structures and make sure that you don't at least seven to eight algorithms in that subject.

Theory of computation

Now the third subject would be your theory of computation. Now, what is this see it is a subject that teaches you how computer reaches from process A to process B in the most efficient manner.

Okay says it is supposed is task A and you need to complete task A and then move it to task B. What process should be followed? Okay, what path should be taken, what is the fastest time? What should be done what is the efficiency?

So you actually calculate what is the process that it needs to? To choose the computer needs to choose to reach from process A to process B so that it does most efficiently.

Since now this subject requires some good practice as it involves some symbols some laws and quite amount of good practice. It is then further divided into automata and then the other 24 subcategories.

But make sure that if you are moving to interviews and all theory of computation is a very important subject and you should be focusing on it as much as possible. Probably you're going to disappear courier of graduation.

Compiler design

The fourth subject would be your compiler design. So what is a compiler? A compiler is a software that converts high-level language into low-level language and why is it important?

See most of the time we are interacting with a laptop right or the computer or maybe the operating system. So we are interacting whatever we type, whatever we speak.

That is entirely high-level language. Right, that is readable by humans and since it is small-time we are interacting the machine needs to convert it into its own language the target language. So this process keeps on continuing that is why you need to how this process actually works, what how to compile is being designed with different stages? how it processes?

Computer architecture

So having knowledge of compiler design is very very important then comes the computer architecture. This is the last subject is subject number five computer architecture. Now if I can because of my school days how computer used to work is input processing and output.

So a hard computer actually works it takes input processes and outputs that are the actual basic architecture of the computer and you need to study that.

Now to be specific it involves a lot more than just input/output and process, for example, this like input unit this output unit their storage unit then there's computation unit, logical unit. They made many units on this subject. So you need to go through each one of them.

So, these are the important 5 Subjects every computer science student should know.


But as I just to give you a summary I am not finishing this article. This there is something more to come.

But just to give you some way.
  1. The first subject would be your C and C++. 
  2. The second one would be your data structures that involve algorithms. 
  3. The third one would be the theory of computation which is very very important. You need to practice it. 
  4. The fourth one would be your compiler design. Often the interview will ask you this question from this subject. 
  5. The fifth one is computer architecture.

Now right now the many most important subjects that you learn in your graduation that is might be a microcontroller or discrete mathematics. And you know the principles of the operating system.

These are also quite important subjects. You have to eye on all these subjects. But make sure the five subjects I have told you master in it.

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