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Google Adsense account guidelines | Requirements

Google Adsense account guidelines , requirements for websites, YouTube channels. Also discussed some of the important issues of Google Adse...

Google Adsense account guidelines, requirements for websites, YouTube channels. Also discussed some of the important issues of Google Adsense and how does Google Adsense works, What opportunities Adsense is giving us to work with them.

Google Adsense account guidelines
Google Adsense account guidelines

Google Adsense account guidelines

As well as the amount of Google Adsense pays for YouTube or website. Does it have an effect on more or fewer subscribers? What are the things to keep in mind to get approval?, and how to withdraw AdSense payments? You will know overall these things from here.

If you are interested to know about Google Adsense then this article is for you.

What is the Google Adsense working procedure?

At first, you have to know the basic concept of Google Adsense. There are basically two users to Google Adsense. 

  1. Advertisers
  2. Publishers


Advertisers are basically different companies or brands that have different products or services. They promote these through Google Adsense. 

The ads you see on YouTube or on various websites are promoted by advertisers.


And the publisher is the content creator. Publishers are people who

  1. Making videos on YouTube
  2. Writing articles on websites
  3. Submitting their apps to the Android Play Store

Google AdSense displays its ads through these three platforms on behalf of the advertiser.

You have the both opportunity to work with Google Adsense as an advertiser or as a publisher. Or advertisers, publishers can work together on both.

How does the whole process of AdSense work?

Suppose an advertiser placed an advertisement for 100. Google, on behalf of the company, displays advertisements in the content of content creators, which are frequently used by many people (YouTube, Playstore, various websites).

As a result, general visitors can see the products of that organization. And from there they click and buy the things they need. The overall process creates a win-win situation for companies, content creators, and buyers.

  • Companies can promote their products to their customers.
  • Content creators are getting benefits against their content.
  • Buyers can see different products and buy if they want.

Of this 100, 49% goes to Google and the remaining 51% goes to publishers.

If you want to work with AdSense as a publisher, you can start a YouTube channel where you will publish video content. Or you can create a website where you can write articles on which topics are you interested in. Another way is you can create an Android app ( mobile application ) and submit that to the Google Play Store.

This is the way you can work as a publisher in Google Adsense. And if you have an organization or you have a product or service that you want to inform or promote to the general public, then you can also work this as an advertiser and paid promotion of your product or organization.

This is how the AdSense program works. I think you may have understood the advantages for both Google AdSense publishers and advertisers from this discussion.

Publishers get paid for how many views?

Now let's discuss publishers get paid for how many views.

Google determines payment for the 
publishers based on several factors. It does not have a fixed amount. The two most important determining factors from Google Adsense account guidelines are-

  1. Location
  2. Content topic

Content topic

Content creators who create advertiser-friendly unique content based on a topic that pays well for them.

If the number of viewers is low then you will get payment also because of quality traffic with specific ads on the content. 

What is Advertiser Friendly Content? 

Suppose you love traveling and started working by creating a travel-related channel or website.

There are many travel-related companies such as travel agencies, hotels, resorts. They promote their company's services on travel-related channels or websites. Google will show those travel-related ads on that website or YouTube channel.

YouTube channel or websites viewers location

The second is the location. If the viewers are from Bangladesh, India, or any other subcontinents then the (Cost per click) CPC will be lower. 

And if the visitors are coming from Europe or America areas, then the payment is more than double.

For example, if 2 million visitors come from Bangladesh, India, or
 any other subcontinents the publisher gets a payment of 500 to 700 Dollars.

And if the same number of visitors comes from Europe or American areas, then the publisher gets a payment of 1600 to 1800 dollars.

How much does Google pay for how many subscribers on YouTube?

The next issue is how much does Google pays for the number of subscribers on YouTube? 

The answer is that Google never pays based on the number of subscribers. It is not payment-related. No matter how many millions of subscribers one has, Google will not pay you for it.

The content creator is paid based on the number of advertisement views ( RPM ) and the number of clicks on the ad ( CPC ). If no one does not click on the advertisement, only views, you will also get google AdSense revenue.

What are hosted and non-hosted accounts? 

The next issue is what are hosted and non-hosted accounts? 

What is a hosted Google Adsense account? 

Friends, the AdSense you see on YouTube is the hosted account. Websites with the extension are also under the Hosted AdSense account.

What is a non-hosted Google Adsense account? 

The rest of the websites (without Blogspot hosted) you see are all under the non-hosted account.

hosted account, non hosted account both are part of Google Adsense. Even the Admob ads that you see in Android apps are also a part of this. You can manage all the websites, channels, and mobile applications in a single account. A separate account is not required. And If you create then there is a possibility of rejection.

Before your YouTube channel, 1000 subscribers in 1 year and 4000 hours of watch time are now mandatory for Hosted Account Approval. If these requirements are fulfilled then only you can apply.

For a website with a extension, the website must be at least six months old for AdSense approval. 

You have to write more than 30 unique contents and then apply. Never copy content from any site.

If you have a website that has a top-level domain, then you do not have to wait 6 months. However, your website must have good, unique content.

Do not add any copied images or graphics. Make everything yourself.

Important pages (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy ) must be obsolete on your website. As well as disclaimer and terms and conditions will create two hundred pages. Add pages to your website's home and various posts so that Google can see the time of review.

If you do not get the approval after applying, Google will inform you by mail why you did not get the approval. You can find out the reason from that mail why your website is not approved for the Adsense program. You can apply again by correcting the mistakes by looking at those reasons.

There is no need to create an account again. If you are rejected because of avoiding any of the Google Adsense account guidelines then you can apply as many times as you want to the same AdSense account. 

How do we get paid?

Once the account is approved and verified, you will see the option to add a payment method. Where you will add various information to your bank account like your name, the name of the bank, account number, and so on. If you have a minimum of 100 Dollars in AdSense, the payment will be transferred to your bank account automatically.

So, these are the Google Adsense account guidelines you are thinking maybe. Don't think about AdSense more. Think about the content you are creating. Keep patience, work hard in a perfect way, you can get unexpected success. 

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