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How to create a Google Analytics account? | Setup a web property

Discussed how to  create a Google Analytics account   and setup a web property . Using this you can analyze visitors of web or mobile applic...

Discussed how to create a Google Analytics account and setup a web property. Using this you can analyze visitors of web or mobile applications

How to create a Google Analytics account

I will also discuss with you the most popular google analytics plugin for WordPress users.

How to create a Google Analytics account?

To access Google Analytics you need to have a Google account or a Gmail email address. I think obviously you have a google account because you are adding a website or application to google analytics. 

To create a google analytics account type into the URL section and then click enter or search "Google Analytics" and from that result click on the first link.

Search for Google Analytics

So you need to be logged into your Google account to access Google Analytics and then this is how you can Setup a free account. 

Google Analytics welcome page

So click on the Setup for free. In the next option give your account name. So I am going to call this account "Basic Blogging tips" 

Google Analytics Create account

Setup a web property

Now, what you want to measure? So I want to measure my website data.  

Google Analytics web

I have selected the Web. Now, scroll down and click on next. 

So here we need to add a website name. For that, I am putting "Basic Blogging tips". Then you have to give the website URL. So I have put that here 

Google Analytics property setup

Give the website URL and select ( Ex: and select https:// from the left you have SSL. If you don't have SSL then select http://.

Now Select the Industry Category of your website. I have selected Computers and Electronics.

In the last step Select the timezone of your area by selecting the country.
And finally, click on Create

Google Analytics terms of service agreement

Now I am going to select my country again and then accept Google's terms and conditions. 

Accept Google Analytics terms of service agreement

Then Scrolled down accept again.

Now check all the boxes and click on save.

Google Analytics my email communications

Now, they are telling you that you can try the new Google Analytics mobile app on Android or IOS also. 

Google Analytics property Tracking ID

Click on No Thanks if you are using a computer. 

Google Analytics tracking code

You can see there is a Google Analytics tracking code. 

Copy this google analytics script and paste that between head tag on your website's header.php file. 

So this is how to create a Google Analytics account. And you can also Setup a web property like this.  Your tracking ID or code is what connects your website with your Google Analytics account. 

Connect Google Analytics account with a Blogspot website 

If you are using a blogger then 

  • Go to theme 
  • Click on the button just right side of customize, a list of options will open
  • From that list click on edit html
  • Paste the code on between the head tag

And you can also use the tracking ID.  

For pasting the tracking ID, you have to go to the Basic option in the blogger settings. You will find the options Google Analytics Property ID and paste that ID there. And then click on save.

Blogger new interface Google Analytics

This was the procedure of creating an account on Google Analytics and then we have also added a website as a property. 

If you already have a tracking ID but you want to create another one it's very easy. To do let me show you how to do that very quickly. You go here to admin and then click on create account

So it is the same process that we have just completed so you do it again and then you can create another tracking ID 

Google Analytics for WordPress

To do that go to go to your WordPress dashboard. From the dashboard go to go to the left-hand side, hover over Plugins and then click on add new. In the search area type Google Analytics dashboard. So click on Install Now and then click on activate. 

Then click on launch the wizard and it will take you step-by-step through the process of collecting your website with the monster insights. 

In this part of the installation process, you need to choose the account and tracking code you just created in step one. So now that you have linked your website to Google Analytics you can view your data by clicking on your dashboard. 

And you can view the stats there if you newly install the plug-in it will take a few hours for that to populate and if you want to see more stats you can click on go to the Analytics dashboard or you can go to your Google Analytics accounts. 

So this is the Google Analytics account creation process, how to add and set up a web property, and connect with a blogger, WordPress, or any other website.

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