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What google analytics is? How does it work?

In this article, I am going to discuss what google analytics is ?, why this is used for? Also, you will get the basic knowledge about how do...

In this article, I am going to discuss what google analytics is?, why this is used for? Also, you will get the basic knowledge about how does it work? 

If you create a google analytics account and add your website as a property you will get a lot of benefits.

What google analytics is

What Google Analytics is?

Google Analytics is just an awesome tool provided by Google. This tool allows you to track and analyze all of your website traffic in different ways. Traffic is just another word for visitors to your website.

This is a very important tool for anyone who interested in growing their website for blogging. This is a must-have tool for digital marketing websites.

What kind of data you will see in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics shows a lot of things like, how many visitors you are getting to your website and where are they coming from. 

For example, Google, YouTube Facebook, how long are they spending on your website, which pages are they clicking on, also including what is their age, are they, man or woman, what is their city or country lots of important data.

If you have a website but you are not using Google Analytics it is not perfect. This can be said you are driving a cruise ship with a blindfold on. Here in both of the cases, you have no idea where you are going and you will likely just go in circles without ever reaching your desired destination.

So if your destination or dream is to make those sweet hard-earned profits then this is so much important.

How does Google Analytics work?

Let's say you have a website. The main goal of that website selling any specific product or promoting some kind of service. After that, you will get paid for that product or service.

Let's also say that you are running ads on that website. You are running the ads through Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook platforms for getting more visitors.

So you have four different ways that somebody could find your products from the website. If you create a google analytics account and set up that web property then you will get a special code. You have to insert that code into your website. This will help for tracking the data.

That google analytics code will play the role in tracking where the visitors are coming from. You will be able to find which ads or which platforms are generating the most or the least amount of visitors. It could tell that whether the video ads are working better than the picture ads and lots of other helpful data like that.

Google Analytics will also let you see how many visitors are bouncing off of your website with the bounce rate and where they are bouncing off. It will also display the specific pages the visitors are bouncing off. For example, is it on the home page? Is it the website's landing page for your product? Or are they leaving the website from the checkout cart page? etc.

Following this way you can easily find out what things needs improvement on your website. Then you can take steps based on different reports. It will keep open all the ways for the people to purchasing.

As I have discussed at the beginning you can view the statistics about your visitors. For example, their age range, whether they are men or women, and other stats like that. 

Following this way you can target the best majority of traffic. And hopefully, you can grow your website perfect for your purposes.

So this is What google analytics is and how this works. 

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