Computer architecture VS computer organization

Comparative discussion of computer architecture VS computer organization. Computer architecture, computer organization two subjects are taught together.

Computer architecture is an abstract model and feature that is visible to the programmer. Computer organization expresses the perception of computer architecture or how features are applied.

This is one of the 5 subjects that computer science students should know.

Computer architecture VS computer organization

Before learning microprocessors and assembly language, it is necessary to learn computer architecture. Then it will be convenient to learn microprocessor and assembly language.

Computer architecture VS computer organization

Computer architecture 

Computer architecture is those attributes that are visible to the programmer. These are Under computer architecture.

  • Instruction sets
  • Number of bits used for data representation
  • I/O mechanism
  • Addressing techniques 

Computer architecture plays a role as an interface between hardware and software. By reading about computer architecture we can understand the functionality of a system. 

In the case of designing computer system architecture is considered first. It deals with high-level design issues. 

Computer Architecture involves logic like, 

  • Instruction sets
  • Various Addressing modes
  • Various types of data
  • Cache optimization

Computer organization

Computer organization maintains feature implementation. Control signals, interfaces, memory technology are under of computer organization.

It works with the connection elements in different systems. From the computer organization, we learn how all the units of the system are arranged. And it is known how they are connected to each other. 

It deals with lower-level design issues. Computer Organization involves Physical Components like 

  • Circuit design
  • Adders
  • Signals
  • Peripherals

Overall, Computer architecture and computer organization are the base part of the computer building system.

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