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3 Best wireless earbuds for music lovers

A list of the top 3 wireless earbuds best for the music listening experience. You will fall in love with the music. Best wireless earbuds fo...

A list of the top 3 wireless earbuds best for the music listening experience. You will fall in love with the music.

Best wireless earbuds for music

  1. Tribit FlyBuds NC
  2. Sony WF-XB700
  3. Anker Spirit Dot 2

Tribit FlyBuds NC noise-canceling earbuds review

Tribit FlyBuds NC basic review. Be addicted to silence with this kind of noise-canceling earbuds which allows you to immerse yourself in ultimate silence.

Tribit FlyBuds NC
Tribit FlyBuds NC

It comes with 10-millimeter dynamic drivers and an intelligent equalizer, which enables it to produce crispy vocals and punch your bass to ensure the perfect music with an experience.

Featuring industry-leading four Mics active noise cancellation technology it can denoise up to 30 decibels to improve your audio experience.

Pros of Tribit FlyBuds NC

  • With Bluetooth 5 and advanced AI noise reduction technology, this earbud amplifies voice clarity while damping the background noise to offer a latency-free call experience every time.
  • You can also use this transparency mode to blend in seamlessly surrounding sounds for superior convenience.
  • It comes in like an airfield design that allows you to enjoy music for an extra period. While its eyepiece rating allows you to wear it even in wet, conditions free of worry.
  • Packed with a powerful battery this earbud offers a listening time of 8 hours with active noise cancellation and a total of 24 hours for the case.
  • It also supports rapid charging and comes with a USB-C port that enables you to get 1.5 hours of listening time with a quick 10-minute charging.
  • With the perfect combination of premium drivers and industry-leading noise cancellation, the tribe fly box can elevate your music using experience wherever you are, and you can get it at around 60 dollars.

Cons of Tribit FlyBuds NC

  • However, the packaging and pricing are perfect. But the design is a little less good than expected.
  • The using procedure is a little complicated but ok.

Sony WF-XB700

Bring extra bass to everything you do with a Sony WF-XB700. An ergonomically designed true wireless earbud that offers a bold distinctive look. This device ensures long hours of listening comfort. Sony wf xb700 launch date was in April 2020

Sony WF-XB700

Equipped with a 0.47-inch diver unit these earbuds deliver powerful deep punchy bass and low-end sound so that you can enjoy everyday music in high quality. Two-color options are available. They are black and blue.

Pros of Sony WF-XB700

  • With the ergonomic Tri-hole structure and four sizes of hybrid silicon rubber earbuds, you can find the perfect and secure feed for your ears to enjoy maximum sound quality every time.
  • Thanks to its built-in microphone, google, and Siri voice assistant features. As it allows you to have a hands-free calling and enables you to control your music over the voice easily.
  • With an IPS for water-resistant rating, these earbuds are safe from water splashes and split so that you can keep on moving to the music while enjoying the rain.
  • With 9 hours of maximum battery life and a total of 18 hours with the charging case, WF-XB700 will give you enough power so you will never be caught short of playing your favorite music anymore.
  • The Sony WF-XB700 is an amazing true wireless earbud and is well known for its high-end sound qualities and ergonomic design making it a perfect choice for any music lover without a doubt.

Cons of Sony WF-XB700

  • Its design is not as good as expected.
  • It is not aptX supported.
  • There is no noise cancelation system.

Anker Spirit Dot 2

Featuring speed.2's base of technology its composite driver is surrounded by elastic-based maximizing material, which increases base output by up to 100 to deliver puncture base.

With the Anker Spirit Dot 2 enjoy an immersive audio listening experience wherever you go. It is an excellent pair of wireless earbuds. This can deliver amazing sound quality and an ergonomic fit.

Anker Spirit Dot 2

Pros of Anker Spirit Dot 2

  • With Bluetooth 5.0 and MCSYNC3 wireless connection technology, it reduces latency up to 30 to ensure smooth listening and clear conversations. Its unique hollow air wings have a flexible soft silicone build that partially deflates you constantly the shape and size of your ears for a secure feed and offers all the aware comfort.
  • This earbud is ipx7 waterproof rated with a strengthened by an exclusive sweat guard technology so that you can enjoy your favorite playlist even in wet conditions. Packed with a powerhouse battery it offers up to 5.5 hours of playback time per charge and up to 16 hours with the case without stopping in between.
  • The airbus has a complex design to ensure the feed comfortably and discreetly in your ears, the charging case is compact to be in your pocket wherever you go.
  • With the perfect combination of exclusive technology and powerful drivers, the Anker Spirit Dot 2 will let you enjoy an immersive music experience whenever you use it.

Cons of Anker Spirit Dot 2

  • It has only the AAC codec.

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