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5 Best wireless earbuds for phone calls

Best 5 wireless earbuds for phone calls. The best wireless earbuds for phone calls are given in the below list. Read an overview of each of ...

Best 5 wireless earbuds for phone calls. The best wireless earbuds for phone calls are given in the below list. Read an overview of each of these.

Best wireless earbuds for phone calls

  1. Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15
  2. Google Pixel Buds 2020
  3. SoundLiberty 92
  4. The Lypertek Tevi
  5. Jlab Audio Go air
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Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15

Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15 close to the world and experience. One of the best true wireless earbuds, with the immersive sound quality, half ears.

Wonderfully upgraded and designed to cater to your every need.

Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15

The sound quality is excellent as the 10 millimeters larger size speaker driver offers a quality hi-fi music experience.

Pros of Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15

  • Its impressive hi-fi stereo sound will help you enjoy music and a quiet state with low noise. It also contains two high-quality built-in microphones that support wonderful and continuous phone calls for your communication via voice or video or even group calls.
  • It also offers a range of up to 50 feet so never worry about cutting off when you are using it. It connects with your phone using Bluetooth 5.0 technology and lets you play your favorite music or attend that important voice calls without any hassle while staying by your side like a dear old friend.
  • Moreover, the ht-15 earbud comes with a battery capacity of 35 million per hour, which offers 5 hours of continuous playtime along with 30 hours of battery life. Weighing just about 4 grams will provide you with unprecedented comfort because it has a superior ergonomic design.
  • To add to that the t15 earbuds are equipped with a touch feature. Offering easy tap touch control besides this earbud is ips 5 rated allowing itself to withstand almost any adversity ranging from rain to spray and sweat so you can use it worry-free.

Cons of Loftek True Wireless Earbuds T15

  • I think its audio quality is not too impressive but ok.
  • The noise-reducing capability is not too good.

Google Pixel Buds

Immerse yourself in amazing sound with Google Pixel Buds. It is one of the best wireless earbuds for working out. It offers various sensors and adaptive sound adjustments. To keep you moving all the time this can be a perfect choice.

Google Pixel Buds

These earbuds deliver high-quality audio without hearing any kind of background noise with the custom-designed 12-millimeter dynamic speaker drivers and passive noise reduction microphones.

Pros of Google Pixel Buds

  • It offers dual IR proximity sensors for in-ear detection to play and pause your music automatically while its capacitive touch sensors will allow you to control your music, phone calls, and google assistant seamlessly.
  • With ipx4 water and sweat resistant rating, it comes with three anchor point systems that combine premium comfort with great feed to keep your butt secure even while working out.
  • These earbuds are going to last for up to five hours on a single charge and with this charging case it'll give you up to 24 hours of runtime so just hit your music and keep rolling without worrying about anything.
  • Packed with lots of sensors and high-quality audio output the Google Pixel Buds 2020 is an amazing pair of truly wireless earbuds. This is going to be a perfect choice for any music lovers.

Cons of Google Pixel Buds

  • The stability of the connection is needed for this earbud.
  • After the increase of the listening stabilizer arc can cause discomfort for the user.
  • The device battery life is average level.
  • A little amount of noise comes from outside which is the main disadvantage.

SoundLiberty 92

SoundLiberty 92 from TaoTronics a simple review. Feel every bit of your music by using a Bluetooth earbud that offers an ergonomic design. It delivers high faster sound quality to enhance your music experience.

SoundLiberty 92

Equipped with a 30mm PU with protein-membrane drivers these earbuds deliver a wider sound stage with exceptional accuracy and superior sound across the entire frequency range allowing you to enjoy your music having crisp details and punch your bass alongside great clarity.

Pros of SoundLiberty 92

  • Built with high sensitivity touch sensors these earbuds are smart enough to detect your every touch and with just a soft tap on the earbuds you can play or pause your music adjust its volume go to your favorite track answer your phone calls or even activate Siri without picking up your phone. 
  • Thanks to its Hall Effect sensor and real switch feature as these earbuds can be paired with your phone automatically right after opening the case allowing you to have a seamless pairing in just seconds. 
  • It is one of the best wireless earbuds for running. With an IPDX, waterproof rating, and not a coating design it also offers a semi in your ergonomic design which allows you to wear earbuds comfortably without worrying about sweating rain or running outside.  
  • With five hours of run time on a single charge and up to 30 hours of playtime with a charging case, this airbox will also let you have one hour of playback time with just a five-minute quick charge. So just, focus on your music and forget the hassle of recharging your earbuds frequently. 
  • High-face sound with ergonomic design this SoundLiberty 92 from TaoTronics is just a pair of excellent earbuds that will simply take your music experience to a completely new level. Moreover, with so many features offered this product could be purchased only at around 40 dollars.

Cons of SoundLiberty 92

  • There is no noise cancellation system.

Lypertek Tevi true wireless earbuds review

Lypertek Tevi amazing waterproof earbuds review with pros and cons. These are true wirelessI am going to explain its benefits in 6 points. With amazing features and qualities, this can be a perfect choice.

Lypertek Tevi

Maybe there is something you probably did not know or missed about this wireless earbud that I wanted to share with you.

Benefits of Lypertek Tevi

  • Firstly, this earbud is compared all the time to more expensive true wireless earphones. It is for good reason. This earbud sounds good and if we think, the reasons are two different things that are going on. The first thing is Lypertek has put some very high-quality graphene drivers in both the earbuds, they are lightweight. However, they sound very good. They give you a very open very wide sound signature, very detailed and they are easy to drive. The second is that they are using a very high-quality Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset that both supports aptX and AAC as Bluetooth codecs. It is very important to understand that if you are going to use this with an android phone the aptX codec ensures that there is very little loss in Lypertek Tevi sound quality over the Bluetooth connection. Besides, you are listening to music on your earphones without any compression because of the Bluetooth connection AAC does the same thing over iOS devices. So, if you consider this The Lypertek Tevi sounds amazing.
  • The second benefit is the battery capacity. The battery capacity on the Lypertek Tevi is probably one of the best that I have seen for any true wireless earbud out there. After charging Lypertek Tevi performs for at least 10 hours. Nevertheless, if you pop it back into the carry charging case that will get an additional 70 hours of battery life stored in there. Therefore, you can use it once a day and without recharging. Now if you forget to charge the earphones before hitting the gym this earbud got you covered because it has 15 minutes of quick charge. You can use it without breaking a sweat for more than 2 hours.
  • This is not just good for listening to music. If you take many phone calls throughout the day Lypertek Tevi is probably one of the best wireless earbuds out there with its amazing call quality. This features Bluetooth chipset Qualcomm's 5.0. That is amongst the best that is available right now. It contains Kalimba's DSP and CVC 8.0. This meaning that the microphones on this have the highest quality. The software will remove all the echo, disturbances as well as background noise for making sure that your voice quality is going to be clear when it transmits to that person who is on the opposite side of the phone call.
  • With an incredible IPX 7 rating, the Lypertek Tevi earbud has been declared waterproof. You can pretty much go for a swim or walk into the shower with these and they are going to be fine. Remember, though that the earbud themselves are IPX rated and not the carry case. That is why you do not want to get that wet.
  • The truest wireless earbud out there has a simple way of pairing. You will find that one of them is usually the master, which pairs with your mobile phone and that in turn use NFC to communicate with the slave. The other earbud and therefore you always find that there is always a little bit of challenge pairing both these earbuds together with your mobile phone but not so much with the Lypertek Tevi. This earbud has a system where both these earbuds can perform a role as a master or a slave. So irrespective of that way you pop it out of the bringing case on that you pair the earbud first with your mobile phone. You will always find that the Lypertek Tevi works fine out of the box without you having to try again to pair them.
  • This one feature is probably the least interesting one, I think. It is a fact that you can use the Lypertek Tevi in Mono Mode. If you are just that person who wants to be able to take phone calls while still hearing your surroundings tasks perfect for both music listening as well as for phone calls.
Okay, so these are the six interesting things about the Lypertek Tevi. The Lypertek Tevi gives you such an incredible amount of value also comes with a one-year warranty and of course, if you try this earphone out there is a very high likelihood that you are going to be using these for a long time.

Cons of Lypertek Tevi

  • I think it is very good. But there is only its shape that can decrease user experience. This is plain shaped.

Jlab Audio Go air

The Jlab Audio Go air true wireless earbuds. They are priced only at $29. I will discuss features and advantages. Then I will give my thoughts.

Jlab Audio Go air true wireless earbuds
Jlab Audio Go air

Jlab Audio Go air true wireless earbuds cover box comes with a Quick Start Guide and small medium large ear tips.

The Go air features

  • 5 hours of listening time and 20 plus with the case
  • 15 minutes of charge will give you one hour
  • Uses Bluetooth 5.0
  • Custom EQ settings
  • USB for charging
  • Ipx4 sweat and water-resistant

The case has a very slim and sleek look to it. It has a plastic feel all around and it comes in a variety of color options. The earbuds are exposed on the top for easy access. On the bottom of the case, you will find a built-in USB cable for charging. Just like the other Jlab true Wireless models.

Inside the case, you have the status LED lights in the middle. The earbuds are similar to the J buds air but they are about 20% smaller. Plastic fills all around and you can see the two-tone design. The outer face has a Jlab logo along with a large surface for the touch controls. Each of the earbuds has charging contacts, a microphone, interchangeable ear tips, led and touch controls.

Touch controls are straightforward. A few taps or a long hold to navigate. These also have the three EQ settings. Jlab signature for amplified bass and vocals balance which has no enhancement and bass boost for amplified base and sub-base. Just tap three times to toggle.

The case comes in at 2.9 by 1 by 1.4 inches. Its weight is 34 grams and the earbuds come in at 9 grams.

The microphone came in loud and clear during phone calls and other parties had no issues hearing me. You can use the earbuds independently left or right side and the pairing process was instant. When testing video on an iOS device there was no noticeable latency. The range was also stable as I tested in a 1400 square feet setting.

Jlab Audio Go air overview

  • I found them to be comfortable and they created a nice tight seal. It does require a slight twist to get them seated properly.
  • Touch controls don't add pressure to the ear canals when navigating and they felt secure.
  • Building quality is solid. The case has a sleek look and I like the color options that they offer. It feels durable along with the earbuds.
  • It definitely has a slim profile and it is easy to carry around. the earbuds don't protrude out as much compared to the J buds air.
  • The touch controls were responsive. I had no issues with them.
  • Battery life is fair coming in at five hours and twenty plus with the case.
  • Now when it comes to sound these didn't disappoint. bass was pronounced and it was tight. mids and highs also come in clear and clean and I felt that there is good separation.
  • Also, having the EQ settings gives you a bit of flexibility to adjust it depending on the music genre you listen to.

Overall, I feel that Jlab has released a great pair they are definitely a bargain starting at $29. you get the Jlab build quality along with the sound signature. they are easy to carry around and take on the go as well. So that is my review of the Jlab GoAir True wireless earbuds.

So, these are the best wireless earbuds for phone calls in 2021.

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